MetroHNL Article on T-Obs App


Screenshot from T-Obs, photo credit: Kathy Au

There is a great article on an app we developed for SchoolRise USA called T-Obs. The app is available for download via the iTunes App Store here. Read the article on Metro HNL here: This is going to be a great tool for educators.


Founder Brian Dote accepts role as Chief Innovation Officer at Mid-Pacific Institute

dote-slide-thumb-600xauto-47869Monday, March 10, 2014

Press release from Mid-Pacific Institute

Dear friends,

I’m writing today to share some exciting news. I recently accepted an incredible opportunity to join the prestigious Mid-Pacific Institute (MPI) as Chief Innovation Officer. My daughter is currently a fourth grader at MPI, and my family has long admired the school’s commitment to academic excellence and cultural diversity, and its traditions that foster a strong foundation of civic responsibility in every student. My new role at MPI begins on August 10th.

As CIO, I will be responsible for articulating a vision for educational and administrative use of technology throughout the school, building upon MPI’s strength as a leader in implementing innovative and emerging technologies in the classroom. I will oversee the school’s Technology Department, and will strive each day to build a learning environment whose very foundation is creativity and curiosity, where students are given the opportunity to experiment – where innovation is born from iteration.

I have long been passionate about the intersection of education and technology. I am taking on this new challenge because I believe wholeheartedly the next generation of tech entrepreneurs is growing up right now, right here in Hawaii, and I want to do my part to inspire their journey. MPI is nurturing and cultivating students who will one day become world-class innovators, and build products and companies that solve real-world problems. I am deeply honored to join the school in their mission, and feel tremendously fortunate for the opportunity to make a meaningful, long-lasting impact on the future of Hawaii’s tech community.

As a Tapiki client, what does this mean for you?
My new role as CIO of MPI will not have an immediate impact on existing Tapiki projects. Over the past three years, I have relished every minute spent building this company into the successful business it is today. Tapiki has steadily grown from a one-man operation into a distributed network of tremendously talented engineers, developers, and designers spread across the globe. Due in large part to our geographic diversity, the Tapiki team already enjoys a large degree of autonomy, which will help ensure that my transition to working at MPI will be smooth and seamless, and in fact, make it possible for me to continue to lead the Tapiki team even after I’ve begun work MPI.

Over the next five months, I will reduce the number of new projects we take on, and gradually shift some of my day-to-day responsibilities to other members of my team.
When I begin work at MPI in August, I will continue to oversee the flawless execution of work you have come to know and trust from Tapiki. Over the long term, Tapiki will be highly selective about the projects we accept, focusing on innovative, early-stage startups as they bring their products to market. We’re already working on several educational mobile applications and we hope to continue to grow our portfolio of successes in this area.

It is important to note that MPI supports, and even encourages, my ongoing commitment to ensuring Tapiki’s future success. I will be able to continue building industry partnerships that can be leveraged at MPI as we more deeply integrate technology into the classroom. This best-of-both-worlds model works well as I will gain insight from the tech industry as well as from within an independent PK-12 school that is a pioneer in advanced technologies.

I am profoundly grateful for your support and the trust you have placed in me and Tapiki over the past few years. It has been such a pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate again in the future. If you have any questions about this news or what it means for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Brian Dote

Tapiki Games Launches



We’ve launched a new website to showcase our exciting new games. Head on over to Tapiki Games to check out what we’ve been up to and download some pocket sized fun while you’re there!

Pihana ABCs iPad and Android App

icon1024pxWorking in conjunction with the Curriculum Research and Development Group of the University of Hawaii, Tapiki developed the Pihana ABCs iPad and Android App. The Pihana ABCs app is an engaging, interactive digital version of the popular Pihana Nā Mamo Coloring Book.


Download from iTunes

Download from Google Play



About CRDG:

The Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) is an organized research unit in the College of Education at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Since 1966, CRDG has served the educational community locally, nationally, and internationally by conducting research and creating, evaluating, disseminating, and supporting educational programs that serve students, teachers, parents, and other educators in grades pre-K–12; and contributing to the body of professional knowledge and practice in teaching and learning, curriculum development, program dissemination and implementation, evaluation and assessment, and school improvement.

Things to do and places to see, recommended by locals on

oahufindsWe had the pleasure of working with the Halekulani Corporation on the new OahuFinds website featuring great things to do and places to eat here on Oahu. The site offers curated itineraries which are fun and informative. This is a great resources, even for local residents. I’ve definitely discovered some new spots to check out!

Founder Brian Dote in Hawaii Business Magazine

Hawaii-Biz-Magazine-MedOur founder, Brian Dote is in an article in the latest “Yes, You Can Come Home” issue of Hawaii Business Magazine. The article on page 104 talks about how to do it without wrecking your career. Kudo’s to Lavonne Leong on a well-written and insightful article!

Says Brian, “You listen to [Twitter] conversations, you add value to those conversations and, the next thing you know, the followers of your followers, follow you. In no time at all, I had hundreds of people in Hawaii that I was talking to.”

Tapiki Selected as the Manoa Innovation Center Company of the Month

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 4.00.55 PMTapiki is pleased to have been selected as the Company of the Month at the Manoa Innovation Center run by the High Tech Development Corporation. We received a one month parking pass to park in the Company of the Month stall, woot!! Awesome-sauce!



Patent on Generating Low Resolution User Interfaces for Transmission to Mobile Devices

Tapiki founder Brian Dote received his fourth patent on March 26th, 2013. This patent is from work Brian did on the original iPhone while at Apple (Brian was part of a team of developers). Other patents awarded:

Generating low resolution user interfaces for transmission to mobile devices

“A computer-implemented method includes generating a user interface for displaying one or more images, receiving a request from a remote device to view the user interface, determining whether the remote device is a mobile device communicating over a wireless network, depending on a result of the determination, generating a low resolution version of the user interface that is computationally less intensive to render compared to the previously generated user interface, and transmitting the low resolution version of the user interface to the requesting device.”


Check out the full patent here: Generating low resolution user interfaces for transmission to mobile devices

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company Website Relaunch

hcsTapiki and Sae Design redesign and relaunch the Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company website. I learned a lot about the cane growing and harvesting process while working on this website. I grew up in a plantation town less than a half mile from sugar mill and I always took sugarcane for granted. It’s fascinating to read about what it takes, and the future of cane from energy research to water conservation. It’s also interesting to watch the stories of the people who work at HC&S.

Rainbow Drive-In Website Launch

Rainbows_webFor more than 50 years, Rainbow Drive-In has served some of the cheapest and best plate lunches to Hawaii and the world. Tapiki is pleased to have redesigned and relaunched the iconic Rainbow Drive-In website.

We’ve simultaneously launched the RainbowTiki online store.

In 2012 Rainbow Drive-In opened RainbowTiki, a logo shop next to the drive-in where they sell their Rainbow Drive-In T-shirts, caps, bags, stickers and other gift items. They also sell their popular Chili Seasoning & Rub, Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Mom’s Mix and two kinds of Hawaii-style chili pepper water.

15th Annual Lantern Floating Hawaii Website Launched

Tapiki launches the 15th Annual Lantern Floating Hawaii website. Definitely one of our favorite events. You can participate in many ways, regardless of your current location. If you happen to be on Oahu or visiting, this is a must-see.

May 27, 2013 Monday, Memorial Day
Ala Moana Beach Honolulu, Hawai‘i
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

From the website:
Every year on Memorial Day, tens of thousands of people gather on O‘ahu’s south shore along with thousands more who join this event via live streaming and telecast to honor loved ones and generate hope toward the future. Lantern Floating Hawaii allows people a personal moment to remember, reflect and offer gratitude to those who have gone before us. It is also a collective experience where families, friends and even strangers reach out with love and understanding to support one-another. We become stronger as a community when we are able to recognize our shared values. Lantern Floating Hawaii helps to open our hearts in an experience that transcends the human boundaries that usually divide us.

Ending Bottled Water Pollution with Flo Water


Tapiki launches the all-new Flo Water website. Check it out and help reduce bottled water pollution!

About Flo Water (
Flo Water® was founded in 2008 by young environmental entrepreneur, Wyatt Taubman, who grew up in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Taubman conceived of Flo Water® while studying Environmental Studies and Economics at the University of San Diego. After learning extensively about the plastic water bottle pollution crisis that we face globally, he felt passionately compelled to do something about it and the concept of Flo Water® was born.

The first Flo Water® Refill Station™ became a reality in 2009, when Taubman moved back to Hawaii after graduation and secured a small business loan from the Bank of Hawaii. Shortly thereafter, the first Flo Water® Refill Station™ was installed at Island School, a private K-12 school on Kauai, where it was embraced by both students and faculty alike. This first pilot was followed by successful beta programs at Iolani School and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, as well as at shopping centers, gas stations, and convenience stores in Hawaii.

Patent Number Three! 8,261,209

Tapiki founder Brian Dote received his third patent on Sept. 4th, 2012. This patent is from work done at Apple on the original iPhone and the Mobile Me gallery app (Brian was part of a team of developers). Other patents awarded:

Updating content display based on cursor position

“A computer-implemented method can include displaying a display region, on a display device associated with a computer system, corresponding to a container at a remote location operatively coupled to the computer system over a network, wherein the container includes at least two content items, dividing the display region into at least two portions, wherein each portion corresponds to one of the at least two items, and upon detecting a positioning of a cursor in a first portion of the at least two portions, transmitting a request to the remote location for a first content item, of the at least two content items, receiving the first content item, and displaying the first content item in the display region.”


Check out the full patent here: Updating content display based on cursor position

If you plan for a year, plant kalo…

I love this quote. And I love what Ka‘ala Farm is doing out on the Leeward coast. Tapiki has redesigned the website, check it out and support this awesome organization.

Startup Crawl with the Governor of Hawaii and Steve Case

Today at the Manoa Innovation Center, Jeannette Paulson Hereniko showcased an app we developed in partnership between Asia Pacific Films and Tapiki called Hawaii Filmmakers to both Steve Case and Neil Abercrombie, the Governor of Hawaii. Abercrombie took interest in seeing the Patsy Mink film that is included as one of the 7 award winning films. See another photo here by Ricky Li.

About the Hawaii Filmmakers iPad App:

Stream seven award-winning films that illustrate the richness, diversity and complexity of Hawai’i and the region.  Each film is made by an outstanding filmmaker from Hawai’I who tells visual stories with originality, technical excellence, courage and abiding passion.

The Hawaii Filmmakers’ app is curated by Jeannette Paulson Hereniko (bio can link to this information and attached photo). She is President of Asia Pacific Films and Vice President of the international nonprofit organization, NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema). She is the Founder of the Hawaii International Film Festival, serving as Director from 1981 to 1997, and the first director of the Palm Springs International Film Festival in 1990.  Ms. Hereniko is also a storyteller and a filmmaker. Her work includes a one-woman show, Wild Wisdom, and producing the award-winning Fiji/USA 2004 narrative feature film, The Land Has Eyes, that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Tapiki Launches 2012 Miloli’i Lawai’a Ohana Camp Website

Pa’a Pono Miloli’i Inc., will host the 2012 Miloli’i Lawai’a ‘Ohana Camp for South Kona on Wednesday June 27 to Saturday June 30, 2012 at the Miloli’i Beach Park & Community Pavilion.

This year’s camp is open to 10-15 year old and their families and will focus on Traditional & Modern conservation practices & Sustainability. The camp will consist of a variety of activities some which are: Fish Counting, Cross-Net Demonstration, Hula, Oli, Mo’olelo, ‘Opihi & Fish Anatomy, Limu, Community Service (Alkaline Pond cleaning), Media Technology, Basket Weaving and more.

Website by Tapiki LLC:

Patent Number Two! 8,161,179

Tapiki founder Brian Dote (Brian was part of a team of developers) get’s another patent. This patent is from work done at Apple on the original iPhone and the Mobile Me gallery app (here’s the other one). This one was filed on June 28th, 2007 and finally awarded on April 17th, 2012.




Generating low resolution user interfaces for transmission to mobile devices 

“A computer-implemented method includes generating a user interface for displaying one or more images, receiving a request from a remote device to view the user interface, determining whether the remote device is a mobile device communicating over a wireless network, depending on a result of the determination, generating a low resolution version of the user interface that is computationally less intensive to render compared to the previously generated user interface, and transmitting the low resolution version of the user interface to the requesting device.”


Check out the full patent here: Generating low resolution user interfaces for transmission to mobile devices 

The Hapalua Website

Tapiki designed and developed the Hapalua website (but not the beautiful logo shown to the left), The Hapalua is Hawaii’s newest half-marathon by the same organization that does the Honolulu Marathon. The inaugural Hapalua is this Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 6:00am and Brian Dote will be running it. The Hapalua starts at the Duke Kahanamoku statue in Waikiki and is a 13.1 mile run. Check out the website and join us for a great run!


Our First Patent! 8,126,966 is our lucky number…

Tapiki founder Brian Dote get’s his first patent. Took a long time in the approval process but it finally was approved today! Thanks to all the great engineers on the iPhone team, some of our best work ever (my piece was tiny in comparison to what the rest of the engineers did)! This patent was filed back when Brian Dote was an engineer at Apple, Inc. working on the very first iPhone. Take a look at the file date, wow. June 28th, 2007. Hard to believe it was 5 years ago…

Check out the patent here: Separating attachments received from a mobile device

Hawaii Agriculture Foundation Website

Late last year we launched the HAF website but in the hectic flurry of activity we forgot to share with everyone. Go check out some of the awesome programs provided by the HAF including:
Kunia Ag Park
Lei Fresh
The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival
Ag in the Classroom

The HAF’s mission is:
Promoting agriculture and farming to enhance environmental stewardship in Hawaii, through agricultural research, education, training, management and public outreach, while building a sustainable agricultural industry by connecting farmers with the community.

The Gift Foundation of Hawaii Website


Tapiki in partnership with Giddymachine has been selected to build a new website for the GIFT Foundation of Hawaii. The GIFT Foundation of Hawaii’s mission is to encourage young adults to participate in philanthropic giving. Each year the GIFT Foundation of Hawaii selects several local non-profit organizations or programs to benefit from funds raised through our annual fundraising event. They have gifted over $1.2 million dollars so far. Support this worthy local non-profit volunteer organization. Beneficiary applications for 2012 are available for download. The new site will launch soon!

Hawaii HIS Corporation Project

What a great client and a fun project to work on! Can’t wait for another great promo by HIS!


Hawaii HIS Corporation is the second largest Japanese travel agency in Hawaii.  Tapiki LLC developed an airline ticket purchasing website for our “Golden Week” flight specials.  Brian Dote was very accommodating with respect to various revisions we requested during development of the website, while also working under time constraints.  The SSL-enabled e-commerce site was developed and launched within 10 days at a reasonable price.  We intend to utilize Tapiki’s services for our future website needs.

We Go Japan Successful Campaign

Tapiki built the website for HIS Travel Corp’s Spring Sales Event. Tickets were reserved online using a custom Paypal transaction system. What a great promotion, perhaps the best airfares to Japan I’ve ever seen!

Check it out, there’s a few tickets left for sale!

Streaming Pay-Per-View films from Asia + Pacific on your iPad!


Tapiki LLC., in partnership with Asia Pacific Films, is building an app that will stream award-winning films to your iPad or iPhone. Want to watch on the big screen? Simply hook up your iPad via the HDMI cable connector kit from Apple and enjoy these films in your living room! Our first installment will feature 5 films by local filmmakers and will ship later this year. Quick, go find your remote!

Tapiki launches Kirk Caldwell for Honolulu Mayor campaign website

This morning, Tapiki LLC. launched another successful campaign website! We did the design, development, and site administration for Kirk Caldwell’s new official campaign website at This morning Kirk Caldwell announced his candidacy for Mayor of Honolulu. Go Kirk! Find out more about Kirk Caldwell on his Facebook page or follow Kirk on Twitter.

Tapiki and Pono Media Selected to Redesign the Lantern Floating Hawaii Website

Tapiki, in collaboration with Pono Media, has been awarded the subcontract to redo the Lantern Floating Hawaii website at

Learn more about Pono Media here:

If you haven’t been to one of these events you definitely are missing out.

Five Things to Consider

I was asked to write up a 5-things list for Hawaii Business magazine (see earlier post here: The article didn’t include all of my original text, and for good reason! That said, I’ve decided to post the entire article I wrote.

1.  Does grandma SMS?

Are your customers or those you want to influence smartphone users? If you’re building a location-based service, be sure your customers want you to know their location. If you deal with money, your customers need to trust you’ll keep their data safe. If the key viral feature is social network integration, be sure your customers even use social networks!

2. You want me to what?

What specific user behavior are you after? Are you trying to build brand awareness or capture customer leads? Are you after signups or perhaps you’re trying to increase customer loyalty. Keep your goals in mind and be sure the app is designed to facilitate the specific consumer behavior you are after. Make the desired behavior so easy your customers love doing it.

3. Smaller is not better. It’s only… smaller.

Don’t build just a smaller version of your existing website. A mobile friendly site is something all business should have but this shouldn’t be the only thing your app does.

Smartphones offer a bucket of building blocks from which to build great applications. The more pieces you connect, the more compelling and powerful the experience. Photos, videos, location, in-app purchase, and social networks. The whole is greater than a sum of its parts.

4. Building it is only half the battle.

The App Store is a pot of gold but not for everyone. Your app is one of a few hundred thousand apps fighting for downloads. Imagine American Idol with 300,000 contestants all on-stage and singing at the same time. In order for your app to be a success you need a clear marketing plan specifically tailored for mobile applications.

5. Care and feeding

All mobile apps have a lifecycle and you need to be sure your app has the care and feeding it needs to flourish. The initial application launch is the first milestone. You need to be sure you’re in it for the long haul. Respond to customer requests, complaints, bugs, and feature enhancements. Answer support emails.

Just as a static website is a dead website, the same is true for apps. No one wants to invest money or time in an app that is clearly abandoned by the app creator. Customers love apps that are continually updated with fresh content, new features, or enhancements. Nothing screams value more than an app that stays fresh.

Tapiki Selected to Build Cool iPhone App for Rainbow Drive-In

We can’t wait till you get your hands on this one, but we can’t tell you about it just yet. Suffice to say, it’ll be just as good as a Rainbow’s Drive-In mix plate with extra gravy! While you wait for this great app, check out the merchandise on their Rainbow’s Online Store or check out their great menu!

Tapiki Founder Brian Dote in Hawaii Business Magazine

Check out the latest issue (November 2011) of Hawaii Business Magazine and read the Small Biz 5 Steps to Creating a Mobile App article on page 72 or read it online:

Thanks to Shara Enay for a great article. I hope business owners find some of the tips informative and helpful! If any small business owners have questions and would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact Brian at brian [at]

Honolulu Marathon Hapalua 2012

We’re excited to announce that Tapiki has been selected to design and build the website for the Honolulu Marathon Hapalua 2012. This exciting new half-marathon is coming to Oahu in March 2012. Check back for updates on this project.

Brian Dote will be running in the event, interested in joining him? You can register here:

Tapiki featured in Pacific Edge Magazine

Check out the October-December 2011 copy of Pacific Edge magazine to read an article Brian Dote contributed to. The article starts on page 28 in the TECHedge section, titled “When Apps Apply”. Special thanks to Jacob Kamhis for a well-written and informative article. Also check out Dan Leuck’s company, Ikayzo.

You can also read the article online.

Brian Dote of Tapiki Selected as Technical Director

In collaboration with ISISHawaii, Brian Dote of Tapiki, LLC has been selected as the technical director for a fun, awesome, and cutting edge education project. Using aquaponics by Hapa Farms, remote wireless sensors, and iPod Touch and iPads for middle school students out on the Leeward coast. Check back for more information and news and this project is developed!

Watch Tapiki On KITV4’s Social Wire Tomorrow Morning

Photo Courtesy of Yasmin Dar

Tomorrow morning while sipping your morning cup of joe, check out Yasmin Dar’s (@Yasmindar) Social Wire segment on KITV4 during the morning show. It should air between 5 and 5:15am and then again an hour later.

During the segment I answer questions about living the life of an independent iPhone developer as the founder of Tapiki, cofficing (not sure what cofficing is? Check out my super-ultralight cofficing post), iPhone apps, and what’s next for my company. It was a fun interview. I’m not sure how much footage will make it in the final edit but we had a chance to talk about my daughter’s “office” which she’s constructed to mimic what I do. Here’s a pic of us working in K8’s “office”. Well, Yasmin’s working, I’m trying not to fall off the ball.

Photo Courtesy of Yasmin Dar


In her office our daughter’s got a few Mac’s and when she’s “working” she uses a smock that has a Treo and an iPaq in its pockets. She’s started a game design journal too! I hope she’s able to see how fun a career in software development or engineering can be.

Nik the camera genius is big on sustainability so we talked aquaponics and toured our small aquaponics setup while our dogs mauled both of them. We eventually made it to my coffice, yup, Manoa Starbucks!

Should be a really fun segment, I hope you have a chance to watch it. Social Wire is a great part of KITV4 news and I hope the show continues to grow in popularity and scope!

You can check out all the past Social Wire segments along with other KITV4 videos on their YouTube Channel.

Earlier post the day before we filmed: “Tapiki and Sushi Star on Social Wire


Sushi Star interview on Hawaii News Now Sunrise

Tomorrow morning I’ll be interviewed on Sunrise on Hawaii News Now regarding Sushi Star. I’ll be demoing the app on an iPad hooked up to a TV so viewers will be able to see my mad sushi ninja skills (or sad skills, depends on how nervous I am). I’ve been a long time fan of the Sunrise cast so this will be a special treat. I’ve finally gotten comfortable talking on the radio but this is a whole different ball game. I better not dig my nose on air =)

Tune in to Hawaii News Now at 7:10am, Wednesday July 13th to see Sushi Star in action and learn more about our addicting, fun, and quirky kaiten sushi game or you could save time and just download it now from the iTunes App Store!


On air with the Sunrise Team of Hawaii News Now for Sushi Star

This morning I was on the Sunrise show with Dan Cooke on Hawaii News Now, and what an experience this was. The mystery mounted as I had to call to be let in via the unmarked door in what looks from the exterior to be just another warehouse in a district full of car shops and industrial buildings.

Once inside you walk past a set and turn the corner and BOOM. You’re on the set of Hawaii News Now. Steve Uyehara and Tannya Joaquin were on camera talking about the latest news. Howard Dicus then came on to talk about Hawaiian Airlines and Taizo Braden was there as well doing the traffic. The first thing I noticed was that each and every person in the room had an iPad and were multi-tasking between being on-air, reading, typing, chatting, and then being on-air again. It was a really well oiled machine of timing, conversation, work, and news. Amazing, I was hooked!

After walking past the set I was ushered to a conference room in the back to wait for Dan who at the time was talking about the weather in front of the green screen area. Dan was sporting a tux with a pink tie — he looked sharp and TALL. Great. On my way to the conference room I saw Ramsay Wharton at a desk and I believe Malika Dudley at another desk. Ramsay was in “on air” dress which was neat because at one point the camera flipped to her and she was “live”. Malika was wearing gym clothes, probably on her way to, or from a workout.

The conference room was cool, a huge table and Hawaii News Now logos everywhere. I could imagine all the anchors and reporters in meetings here, cool stuff! The vibe of all the on-air talent, he he he. After a few minutes, Dan arrived and we chatted for a sec about Sushi Star, then we walked to the set to get it ready on his iPad. We were going to use his iPad and the HDMI mirrored output to project onto the green screen. Cool, Sushi Star in HD!

At this point we had about 10 mins before our segment. Dan entered some details into a content management system, and that’s the text that appears on screen, cool huh? I got in Taizo’s way once but he was incredibly gracious. Steve walked over to talk a bit about my background and he helped me feel comfortable and at ease. They were all nice, professional, and on top of things. I think that’s why I felt right at home.

Finally our segment was up. And you can see the rest on the video below. Being on air wasn’t scary as I thought. And the short time we had went too fast. I’m addicted. Yup, addicted. The rapid fire work going on, the conversations, and the fact that its all live. I can’t wait till I do something cool enough to get back on air!


Tapiki Selected to Develop Cool Hawaii-Themed iPhone Game

Tapiki has been hired to build an iPhone game and while negotiations started long before we launched Sushi Star, I believe having the end-to-end experience of building a game, from concept to launch, was one reason we were selected.

The game we’re about to build for a local client is going to be a lot of fun. Both to develop and to play once it’s released. It’s one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” ideas with a ton of cross-marketing potential. We really can’t wait to get started!

I’m glad we’re about to undergo the game development process yet again and as much as our client is open to it, I’ll be blogging about the process along the way. We don’t want to allow anyone to leapfrog over us by giving away too much so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to blog.

Building mobile games is the mission statement of Tapiki. Our mantra is “Deliciously fun mobile games”. If building mobile games is all I do for the rest of my career, I’ll consider that a big success.


Tapiki and Sushi Star on Social Wire

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewed by Yasmin Dar (@Yasmindar) for her awesome Social Wire segment on KITV4. She’s put together a great video series showcasing local small businesses that are leveraging social media and technology in new and exciting ways.

From the KITV4 website:
“Starting every Wednesday, social wire will be featuring local businesses that not only use social media and cool gadgets for their business in unique ways but also teach you how you can do it for your business as well!”

We’ll be talking about Tapiki and app development. Fortunately for me this isn’t live TV so I can screw up with reckless abandon!

Sushi Star has been fortunate to have been featured as an App of the Week on Social Wire about a week after we launched back in July. You can check out Sushi Star at

Sushi Star iPhone Game Now Shipping!

Sushi Star has just been approved by Apple as certifiably the most fun you can have with your fingers, food, and sushi! Ok ok, maybe it’s not an app category yet but it will be! We’re pleased to announce that Sushi Star is available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store for your iPhone and iPod Touch. And with awesome HD graphics, Sushi Star looks great on your iPad too! We hope you have as much fun playing Sushi Star as we’ve had creating it. We’ll be looking for your high scores on the leaderboards and can’t wait to see who’ll be the next Sushi Star!

From the Sushi Star team, thank you and nom! nom! nom!